We can say that Alessandro’s passion for motor racing has begun even before his birth. His mother Ivana, in fact, was following Vittorio, Alessandro’s father, along the tracks during her pregnancy, as at the time he was both racing kart driver and tuner. Realisticly, sound of engines and petrol smell sticked in Alessandro’s head even before coming to this world… In his youth, Alessandro mainly had one activity: running around his parent’s house wearing his older brother’s helmet, racing driver as well, simulating the engine sound with his voice and using a round cookies plastic cover as steering wheel.

The first time Alessandro drives a real kart is at 8 years old. Being older than kids that make their first experience in the 50cc class, he debuts directly in the 60cc Minikart, with no experience at all compared to his competitors. The first contact is quite harsh, but after some races and acquiring experience, Alessandro obtains his first victory, and begins his path. At 12 years old, he switches to 100cc Junior class, a big step looking at the might and performances of the kart, but he quickly demonstrates to be fast, gaining victories in the regional championship and becoming in 2001 Italian champion in the regional team’s cup.

In 2002 he moves up in class, and wins at the very first race. To the surprise of everyone, he wins as a privateer, assisted only by his father Vittorio, in the second race of the Italian Championship in Parma, one of the most iconic and historic tracks in the World. After this victory, he is contacted by many racing teams, and starts to participate in international races, winning many of them. The following year he nearly wins the Italian Championship and is third in the Open Masters. He also wins the final of the European Championship selection in Germany after a thrilling race. At the end of the year he receives as price from the Italian Federation a test in the Formula Renault 2.0, his very first experience on a single-seater. In 2005 Alessandro obtains some solid affirmations: he wins the Industrie Trophy, race that has in his gold book names like Bertaggia, Tarquini, Fisichella, Alonso and Kubica, just to name a few, and is on the podium of the European Championship.

In 2006 Alessandro steps up to 100cc FA, the top class of karting and where many of the stars of F1 have raced. Senna, Schumacher, Alonso, Button, Hamilton, the list is endless. Alessandro wins on his debut race, and for the whole season he gets important podiums in Open Masters and in the European Championship. He is also teammate of future F1 star Jules Bianchi in the World Championship. He takes part to the CSAI Federal Velocity School under the guide of Cristiano del Balzo and Enrico Bertaggia, showing excellent skills in single-seaters. In 2007 Alessandro extends his effort to endurance racing, and wins the 12h of Pomposa, one of the classics. During mid-season, he signs with Tonykart Racing Team to participate in the Open Masters Championship, and is one of the contenders for the victory in every race, with consistent results on the podium.

At the end of 2007 Alessandro signs with Kosmic Racing Department, and is in the top 10 of the World Championship. He almost wins the Asia-Pacific championship, stopped only by a mechanical failure that sets him in 4th. In 2008 he’s runner-up at the Andrea Margutti Trophy and in the second round of the European Championship KF1. He also steps on the podium in the WSK Championship, and is 6th over 30 contenders in the World Cup in Suzuka. In 2009 he’s on double duty racing in two classes: Super KF, single-gear, and KZ1, shifter karts. Alessandro demonstrates his adaptability being competitive in both. At the World Championship he is one of the top contenders, having signed the 2nd fastest lap time in qualifying and dominating most of the heats with ease. Unfortunately a contact by another driver in the pre-final ends his run and sets his start position for the final at the back of the field. He is 8th after a furious comeback, signed by the fastest lap.

After successful karting seasons, in 2010 Alessandro tries to make the step into car racing. He wins the Autosprint Nissan 350Z Challenge and he is promoted to race in the GT class in the Spanish Endurance Championship, driving a Nissan 350Z GT. He qualifies 4th and finish in first position at the end of the race, resulting the first rookie to win a race on his debut in the series. It’s an astonishing performance, as demonstrated by the happiness of team chief Mauro Pregliasco. After this experience, the lack of sponsorship forces him to switch back to professional karting. With the team CKR he is runner-up in the Italian Championship KZ2 and 7th in the European Championship in 2011. Being passionated for endurance racing as well, he participates to the 24h of Jesolo, and wins it with Team TACK System.

In 2012 Alessandro joins Dream Racing, a unique driving experience in the United States that features some of the finest GT racing cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche, along with a the biggest selection of supercars in the world. Alessandro moves to the US, in Las Vegas, and starts to work as driving instructor and graphic director. He also continues his karting passion, driving for CKR in the North East Shifter Series, winning at the debut, and following with many other race wins. He quickly becomes one of the most experienced instructors at Dream Racing, and participates to the most important events in the karting panorama. In 2014 he joins J3 Competition, is third in the DD2 class at the Florida Winter Tour, wins the Rotax Summer Shootout in both Rotax DD2 and Senior classes, and runner-up in the Rotax Grand Nationals. He also finishes in 6th place at the SKUSA SuperNationals XVIII, in Las Vegas, in the KZ2 class with the brand new chassis CompKart, which he developed with the team.