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The Rolex 24h of Daytona!

The past weekend presented one of the most important events of the motorsport year. Most of all, it marked my first attendance to the [...]

Lotus Cup Test Drive!

Last week I had the chance to try one of the newest additions to Dream Racing's racing cars lineup: The Lotus Elise GT Cup! Being [...]

The Smoking Tire!

meta     Wow, been a while without being on the blog! The last months have been pretty hectic, always running around and getting [...]

Drift fun in BMW M3!

Last December I was struggling to find a gift idea for my girlfriend's birthday, and then I had the illumination! She was asking for [...]

CES 2016

This year I got the chance of visiting the CES 2016, the biggest consumer electronic show in the World. Since my last visit in [...]

Andrea Iannone visits Dream Racing!

I guess the perks of working at Dream Racing is that you can often meet famous personalities. It was the case with MotoGP star [...]


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